This letter is addressed especially to the scientific community, and to all those who say they work for the progress of humanity and the conservation of life.

The greatness of a human beings is not in his titles, nor in his socio-economic status, nor in his acquisitions. It is in the value that that individual gives to a life, because that is what he defines us as a species, and that is how we present ourselves to the stars.

The value of life must be studied and preserved with the respect for maximum scientific rigor, for consistent studies and transparency of intentions. Rigor begins with honesty and respect for life, rejecting what is offensive to it. This is when we can call progress our work.

The current state of the planet is sufficient empirical demonstration of the failure of our society. With an educational system that has proven not to be the correct expression for survival, and not even for development. Poverty, new diseases, exploitation of natural resources to the extreme, destruction of ecosystems, extinction of species, the climate, idiocy, unhappiness, crisis in all systems, corruption, pollution of the earth, water and sky, defenselessness, addictions…

Many of you may wonder that you have not studied so many years for this to happen, but it is reality, and we are all responsible. In an intelligent society there are no corrupt politicians, and the challenges that drive development are outside the current dynamics.

Science is an instrument of knowledge and development. It is there to prove everything, not to deny by denying what he has not been able to prove yet. It is a dualistic behavior and leads to a structure of limited knowledge and analysis. There is more superstition than in the early days of critical thinking, and this is not progress. Carl Sagan predicted it, because as a scientist and also a good popularizer, he could anticipate only by seeing the alteration of the chemical order that was beginning to take place in his time. The Natural Order is based on this chemical organization, which is the basis of the balance of ecosystems and the foundation of clear and coherent thought in human beings.

Learning to think is a constant invitation from intelligent Nature. The flying bumblebee gave us a lesson, but who has learned it? Denying something is like saying it doesn’t exist. The Universe is too large to conclude with such a statement. Something as evident and ancient as the natural connection between the beings of an ecosystem, the intelligence of an organism, and everything that makes up the empirical demonstration of a Universe of millions of years is our legacy, and should be the basis with which it is built. look at everything, because it is the most rigorous study we have.

Look at the planet on the brink of collapse, the fruit of what you have called progress for years and what are you doing? Build rockets to go destroy another planet? Is that a display of intelligence? Or is it that a priori, we are all idiots until proven otherwise?

Science is not science if it does not respect life. Is a bird wiser because it knows how to conserve its ecosystem? Or a bee because it knows how to put the natural law of optimization into practice?

Can science show why the animal conserves its ecosystem and man does not? What are we doing here? Now we have a job and it is very clear: Our world… We must show ourselves what we are as a species. You cannot do science from interests unrelated to progress, and progress is that which generates a legacy and does not harm the environment, it is simple.

True intelligence is not the result of studying, but of learning to get to information yourself without the need for books, teachers, or tracts. We have only to look at the ancient sages, who did better science almost without instruments. The information is in you, in Nature, in the Universe… You just have to mold your own brain to get there. Knowing is the direct expression of everything. For example, your heart beats, it is an expression of natural wisdom. You know how your heart beats. You know it but you don’t know consciously how it happens. Your cells know how to optimize, they express physical and chemical laws, they know mathematics! You do it even if you don’t yet know consciously how you do it. The laws of science are all there, it is natural wisdom. Studying should focus on generating a knowledge structure to know consciously what you already know. That is the key! And it is what links us to what we are studying. The result is a relationship with the world from the natural connection that generates respect. It gives value to life, because it recognizes the intelligence of our body and our environment. And the most important thing is that it opens us to the realization that intelligence has many forms, it generates a thinking base for us to enter into interaction with other worlds.

I am aware that without considering a solid reference the roads can deviate, but we have the option to rectify. Recognizing what is correct is easy, because it is consistent with everything, does not harm and always generates development in everything that encompasses its field of action.

The development / knowledge system of this time has separated man from Nature, and that should never happen, because it is putting him against his survival. The development idea has been corrupted. Developing technology does not mean enslaving to it, we carry a parallel development. The development of the machine is limited to the development of our brain. Failure to advance in favor of the machine condemns us to slavery and idiocy. This is ending critical thinking, and without it there is no science, only biological machines that obey and execute protocols that others decide for non-transparent purposes. We are minds developing thought, creating an intelligent humanity, generating true progress and development. Improving our species identity to go out to the stars with respect for our world.

To be free is to have the power to evolve. And then… Is technological, chemical, financial and medical progress evolution when they are focused on the destruction of life?

Those who believe themselves to be the masters of the world are actually slaves of involution.

Governments have made it clear that they are not going to change. And they have done it with the language of action / inaction. Seeing the collapse and continuing in the same or worse, shows intention to collapse. Whoever does nothing is collaborating with it, be it out of fear, pride or by not losing his job or status. What is all this worth if we have nothing left? Why that direction to destroy the beauty that is our world? In Nature, in all the beings that inhabit the planet is the greatest source of wisdom that exists, the greatest natural encyclopedia of all laws, there are the keys, the questions and the answers of science! That’s all!

Science and scientific thinking are different. The latter beeing the tool that we all need to focus and understand the world. And each one chooses to put the rigor of the truth that allows himself to know consciously. That someone has studied a degree in science does not mean that he exercises scientific thought.

Currently most of the branches of science are at the service of an economy driven by competition, consumerism and greed, leaving aside the economy as an instrument of development based on the value of exchanges. I see most scientists submissive to a corrupt system of destruction or feeding grievances without taking action, or radically stopping destructive action. Where is your intelligence? If the use of science were correct, we would not be in this extreme situation. Advancing is not having technology but learning to think, and it cannot really be done outside of value for life. If the achievement you have achieved does not stop this destruction, it indicates that it is not correct. You have to have the courage to recognize the error, and return to the starting point, even if that means starting from scratch.

In any organism there is only one disease, which is the failure of the ability to self-restore. It is the basis of survival, so just the fact of not doing the wrong thing is enough. Being the best or the worst on the planet is the decision of each one, as there is no law in human power that forces another being to attempt against his own natural chemical order or that of the environment.

With Sincerely,

Meritxell Castells, Iceland January, 1 2022

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